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Ward Emergency Response

Ward Response to Emergencies

After ensuring that family members and individuals in the ward are able to care for themselves, the Bishop and the ward council should convene to:

  • Review any counsel and instruction from civil authorities and the Stake Presidency.
  • Determine an initial course of action.
  • Confirm overall responsibilities, making sure that the Bishop and others he may direct are available to minister to members.
  • Make an initial assessment of the condition of ward members.
  • Set the time and method for follow-up communications.

All response to emergencies will be carried out through the existing ward organizations, with the Bishop and Bishopric as the presiding officers. Wards should determine and identify in advance who will direct response efforts when a member of the Bishopric is not available. In general, the ward direction for emergency response should follow this order:

  1. Bishop
  2. 1st Counselor in Bishopric
  3. 2nd Counselor in Bishopric
  4. High Priests Group Leader
  5. Elders Quorum President
  6. Ward Executive Secretary

Ward Priority of Response

The following checklist will help the leadership to assess damage, secure life and health, and reduce side-effect risk:

  • Assist those who are injured or in danger.
  • Report the situation, casualties and dangers to the Stake Presidency.
  • Account for all families, assisting them to reunite as soon as possible.
  • Arrange for shelter and other selected services as necessary.
  • Assess damage to Church property and take steps to protect it as necessary.
  • Review and assess damage to homes & determine ways members can help each other.
  • If necessary, establish a shelter using the Church meetinghouse under the direction of the Stake President (see Selected Services under Stake Priority of Response).