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Start Here Make a Family Emergency Plan, "FEMA Family Emergency Communications ... Read More

New Posts to Blessfamily

Start Here Google Public Alerts link     Resource Library Self ... Read More

New Posts to blessfamily
2/15 | 7/6/2015

Resource Library/Personal Care: Links to Learn About Sanitation and Twin Bucket Option: Make ... Read More

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New Posts to blessfamily


Start Here

  • Organize Important Documents:  “The Grab and Go Binder”
  • Build a Financial Reserve:  “Online Personal Finance Course”

Resource Library

  • Self Reliance/Manuals and Guides:  “Food Storage—On the Path to Preparedness” 
  • Shop/Bulk Food and Emer.. Supplies:  “”
  • Equipment/Water Filters:  “Life Straw Family”, Life Straw Personal”, “WaterBOB”
  • Food/Recipe Books:  “Food Storage Recipes”
  • Food/Gardening:  “Square Foot Gardening” and “Mittleider Gardening”
  • Health/Pandemic Flu:  “Tips for Surviving a Pandemic”
  • Disaster Response/Likely Emergencies:  “Earthquake Safety” and “Tropical Cyclones Guide”