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RESOURCE LIBRARY Preparedness (Renamed--was Self Reliance) 3. Links to Learn About ... Read More

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Preparedness (Renamed--was Self Reliance)

3. Links to Learn About Preparedness

  • "LDS Ensign, Self Reliant Resource Articles"  2001 thru Aug 2017


8. Equipment--Water Filters and Purifiers and Water Storage

  • Seychelle Water Bottles and Filters


2. Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
  • Creative Small-Space Solutions for Your Food Storage
  • Prepping for Small Spaces
  • Small Space Storage Solutions
  • Where I Store Our Food Storage
  • 16 Food Storage Tips for the Space Challenged Prepper

3. Cooking Without Power

  • "Fuel and Cooking Without Electricity"

5. Recipe Books

  • "Campfire Cookbook" 40 pgs.
  • "46 Homemade Spice Mixes"

Personal Care

1. Disinfecting and Sanitizing

  • "EPA Registered Hard Surface Disinfectants Comparison Chart"
    • "Benefect Botanical Disinfectant", Category IV, three year shelf life
    • "Pure Green 24", Category IV, indefinite shelf life                       
  • "Is Natural Disinfectant as Effective as Bleach?"
  • "Recipe to Reduce Germs to a Safe Level"

4. Additional Bathroom Sanitation Resources under Event Handouts "2017 Prepare to Survive"

5. Links to Learn About Humanure Composting

  • "Emergency Compost Toilets" by RELIEVE
  • "Sanitation by Composting"    


1. Physical Health, First Aid  

  • "First Aid Boy Scout Merit Badge Pamphlet", 100 pgs.
  • "Where There is No Doctor", 503 pgs.
  • "The New Where There is No Doctor Advanced Chapters", download
  • "Wilderness and Remote First Aid", 121 pgs.
  • "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils", by Laree Westover, 325 pgs.


"2017 Prepare to Survive", Power Points and Handouts from April 21, 2017 Mt. Vernon Stake Provident Living Event

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Start Here

  • Make a Family Emergency Plan, "FEMA Family Emergency Communications Plan"

Resource Library

Preparedness (Renamed--was Self Reliance)

  • Family/Seniors/Special Needs Emergency Preparedness Checklists, "Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults"
  • Manuals and Guides to Preparedness,"Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors"


  • Mental Health, NEW SECTION, Links to Learn About Mental/Emotional Preparedness
    • Disaster Mental Health
    • "Psychological Preparation for Natural Disasters" by ASP
    • "Emotional Disaster Preparedness" by Deborah Beir PHD
    • "Attitude is Everything" by Denis Korn


  • Access to Local Disaster Help and Resources,


  • "An Eternal Perspective on Personal and Family Finance"


  • "My Path to Self Reliance" Workbook, English and Spanish, NEW PROGRAM

Event Handouts

  • "Urban Preparedness" Power Points and Handouts from April 23, 2016 Event

Stake Emergency Plan

  • Guidelines and Tools to Create Ward and Stake Emergency Response Plans
    • First Presidency Letter, March 2016
    • Stake and Ward Emergency Planning Guide, July 2011 (Still current)
    • Stake and Ward Emergency Planning Guide Tools, March 2016

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Start Here

  • Google Public Alerts link    

Resource Library

  • Self Reliance/Links to Learn About Self Reliance
    • Free Family Preparedness Classes by Steven Harris
    • Simply Prepared, CFD Publications
    • Surviving The Blackout of 2003" by Steven Harris
    • The Survival Mom
  • Shop
    • 6. Equipment--Cooking, Weather, and Etc./Instafire, Safe, Easy Fire Starting        
    • 8. Equipment--Water Filters/Alexapure Water Filtration Systems
    • 9. Wind and Solar/Kodiak Inergy Solar Portable Generator,         
    • 10. Health/"Beyond Wheat and Weeds" by Claudia Orgill, Comprehensive Health Remedies,       
    • 11. Gardening/Mini Farm Grow Boxes, Purchase Supplies, or Instructions to Make Your Own       
  • Communications
    • Links to Learn About Cyber Security NEW SECTION
      • Cyber Security Tips     
      • Stay Safe Online
      • 4 of the Best Online Sources for Learning Network Security,          
    • EMP Protection for Electronic Devices NEW SECTION
      • "How to Make a Faraday Cage"           
  • Water/Pure Water, Naturally
  • Food/Links to Learn About Food Storage and Preparation:
    • Store This Not That
    • The Home Food Storage App
  • Employment NEW PAGE
    • "The Lord Would Want You To Be Successful"

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2/15 | 7/6/2015

Resource Library/Personal Care:

Links to Learn About Sanitation and Twin Bucket Option:

  • Make A Twin Bucket Toilet
  • The Twin Bucket Emergency Toilet
  • A Sewer Catastrophe Companion
  • Step-by-Step Directions to Prepare for Bathroom Sanitation and Hygiene in an Emergency

Stake Emergency Plan/Stake Communications:

  • "How Emergency Communications Works in the Church”

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Resource Library

  • Self Reliance/Links to Mobile Apps for phones and tablets:
    • Arlington Prepares
    • FEMA, Disaster Preparedness Apps
    • FEMA, National Preparedness, Community Apps
    • Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Apps
    • Verizon 7 Mobile Apps for Emergency Preparedness Apps
  • Shop/FD/Dehydrated Instant Meals: Company Reviews
  • Shop/FD/Dehydrated Instant Meals: Food Insurance
  • Shop/FD/Dehydrated Instant Meals: Legacy
  • Water/Bottled Water has indefinite Shelf Life
  • Food/Shelf Stable Recipe Book (Full pages and quarter pages)
  • Health/Ebola Virus Disease 

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Resource Library

  • Shop/Dehydrated, FD Instant Meals:  Easy Prep
  • Shop/Dehydrated, FD Instant Meals:  Mountain House, Just In Case Buckets
  • Shop/Equipment:  Chef Brad Fusion Grain Cooking
  • Shop/Equipment:  One Earth Designs, Solsource Solar Stove
  • Shop/Equipment--Plastic Food Storage Buckets--Food Grade (Local)
  • Shop/Health: Edens Garden 100% Pure Aromatherapy
  • Shop/Health: Wholesale Butterfly Express Essential Oils
  • Shop/72-Hour Kit Food Suggestions:  MRE's, up to 10 year Shelf Life
  • Food/ Links to Learn about Food Storage and Preparation:  My Year Living on Food Storage
  • Shelter/Links to Learn About Emergency Shelter:  Wilderness Survival Shelter
  • Personal Care/Links to Learn About Sanitation:  Sanitation and Hygiene In An Emergency

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Start Here

  • Organize Important Documents:  “The Grab and Go Binder”
  • Build a Financial Reserve:  “Online Personal Finance Course”

Resource Library

  • Self Reliance/Manuals and Guides:  “Food Storage—On the Path to Preparedness” 
  • Shop/Bulk Food and Emer.. Supplies:  “”
  • Equipment/Water Filters:  “Life Straw Family”, Life Straw Personal”, “WaterBOB”
  • Food/Recipe Books:  “Food Storage Recipes”
  • Food/Gardening:  “Square Foot Gardening” and “Mittleider Gardening”
  • Health/Pandemic Flu:  “Tips for Surviving a Pandemic”
  • Disaster Response/Likely Emergencies:  “Earthquake Safety” and “Tropical Cyclones Guide”

Changes to Home Storage Centers


Walton Feed Group Food Buy


Fall 2012 Walton Feed Group Food Buy. Order due March 30th.

Delivery to be announced.

Bobs Red Mill Group Buy


Spring 2012 Bob’s Red Mill Group Buy

Gluten free, organic, and specialty products

Sizes 20 oz. to 25 lbs. at

Email web administrator for discount price list (15% off)

Order due May 31, 2012