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"The Lord Would Want You To Be Successful"

Most of us in the stake have been in career transition at some point in our lives as we: return home from missions; graduate college; suffer the effects of political change or economic downturn; or simply want to upgrade our careers. L Tom Perry noted in General Conference 1995, “Careers are ever changing . . . Job changes will occur even more frequently in the future….” The talents and knowledge that you have developed over the years can be very helpful to those who are currently in this position, for as Thomas S. Monson stated, “The Lord’s storehouse includes the time, talents, skills, compassion, consecrated material, and financial means of faithful Church members.”

We are currently building our Stake Network to better assist those in Career Transition. Our Stake network includes our LinkedIn Group and a Google Site where we post detailed lists of jobs and contacts. In addition, you will find a wealth of jobs on the church’s job site. We invite you to join all three by going to the following links:

We have five major purposes in creating this network:

PREPARATION. LinkedIn has become the #1 site used by recruiters, and it may be useful to you as you build your career and plan for the future. “We need to look ahead a generation to see the fruits of this effort. They will be tremendous. We will develop a body of successful Saints, members of Stature, wonderful leaders of substance, ability and faith. This will change the face of the church. So keep working. Work your heads off!” (April 2002 Deseret News). See our LinkedIn Site.

NETWORKING. You may be in a career, or work for a company, that a member in career transition would like to explore. By joining, we would like increase our ability to help each other with informational interviews, resume targeting, etc. See our LinkedIn Site.

JOB SWAP BOARD. Many in our Stake provide skilled services such as: carpentry; plumbing; nannying; etc. We would like to connect those seeking these skills with those offering such work. See our Mount Vernon Stake Job Swap Board on our Google Site. If you know someone who may want to be on this list, please send their name to your ward employment specialist.

RÉSUME SWAP. Some of you may have the ability to submit resumes to your company, or provide specific networking advice, and often are able to receive a referral bonus. If you do, we have created a list called, “Resume and Info Swap” on our Google Site. Please add your name by contacting your Ward Employment Specialist. We would like to point those in career transition to this subgroup.

JOB OPENINGS. Our LDS Employment Centers at provide a wonderful resource for job seekers. However, you may know of an opening in your company that may be beneficial to someone in the Stake, and is not listed on this site! We invite you to be on the lookout and post jobs that may be beneficial to others. We have provided two options to post jobs. First, go to LinkedIn. We have enabled the "Jobs" tab for anyone in the group to post. Alternatively, post on our Google Site by sending the info to your Ward Employment Specialist.

Note: WES/SES Training is available to Ward and Stake Employment Specialists and Associated Leaders on our Google site.