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New Posts to Blessfamily

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"Ready or Not"

Provident Living Fair 2015

At the Mount Vernon Stake Center on April 18, 2015 from 10:00 AM -12:30 PM

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Program and Handouts

Alexandria First

1)  "Digital Storage Solutions for Storing Important Photos and Documents" by Chance Hammock

2)  "Sewing 101--Emergency Sewing Skills" by Jenny Hammock

3)  "Job Search Strategies and Employment Advice" by Allison McKee

Alexandria Second

1)  "72-Hour Packs" by Jim Shanahan

2)  "Ham Radio" by Lon Callen

Alexandria Third

1)  "City of Alexandria CERT Program" by Mike Lengle and Marci Greenberger

2)  "Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship" by Marcus Coleman, US DHS, 

            Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

3)  "Considerations for Small Children for 72-hour Kits" by Alexandria Third Ward Relief Society

Crystal City

1)  "Emergency Evacuation Planning and Preparedness" (interactive form) by Chris Topham

2)  "Wacky Cake" by Sierra Topham

Colonial First

1)  "Bug Out Bag" by Trent White

2)  "Personal Finance" by Megan Jeffries, Alexandra Bonvouloir, and Jeffrey Merrell 

3)  "Spice up your life...and entertain your taste buds" by Kate Miller

Colonial Second

1)  "Rules of the Road for Investing" by Chad J. Williams  

Fort Belvoir

1)  Booth by Matt Kough

2)  "Canning and Preserving" by Anne Willson


1)  "Fire Safety and Fire Response" by Franconia Fire Department

2)  "Tree Safety/Storm Preparation" by Kevin Pinkney

  • Chapter 2 "Work Safely With a Chain Saw"
  • Chapter 3 "Protect Your Property from Wildfire"
  • Chapter 4 "Identify and Manage Hazardous Defects in your Trees"


1)  "Cooking with Food Storage" by Kingstowne Young Men and Young Women

2)  "Meals Made Easy with Dehydration" by Brenda Asbury  

3)  "Family Security" by Gurvais Grigg

4)  "Herbal First Aid Kits" by Barbara Worley

Mount Vernon

1)  "Getaway Bag Documents Checklist" by Forrest Waller

2)  "Emergency Electric Power Generation" by Forrest Waller


1)  "Cyber Security" by Mark Messervy

2)  "Gluten Free Storage/Cooking" by Marisol Velez

3)  "Emergency Car Kits" by Steve Saunders 

4)  "Water Storage" by Andrea Steinaker        


1)  "72 Hour Kit and Beyond" by Judy Howell

2)  "Knowing How to do Something Before you Have To" by Judy Howell

3)  "Fairfax County CERT Program" by Char Silberstein, Outreach Lead   

4)  "Basic Child/Adult CPR" by Veronica Abraham