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New Posts to Blessfamily

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“Self Reliance Matters”

Emergency Preparedness Fair 2013

At the Mount Vernon Stake Center on Saturday, May 11 from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM.

View Program.  View Flyer (Spanish)

Program and Handouts

Alexandria First

1) “Stayin' Alive--Critical CPR Skills” (with adult, infant & child dummies to practice on) by Dave Gordon

2) “So you want to start your food storage?  Where to start when the task seems so big” by Jessica Washer 

3) “Taking Charge of Personal Safety--Personal Weapon Techniques” by Kristiana Lund-Heaton

4) “Retirement and Senior Care Planning” by Mary Lee Anderson of Senior Services of Alexandria

Alexandria Second

1) “Emergency Documents (critical documents—be ready at a moments notice)”

2) “Green Smoothie booth—Quick, delicious & affordable way to stay healthy” by Ivy Larsen

Alexandria Third

1)  "Hand Radio Demonstrations" by Terry Buxton

2)  "Personal Finance" by Sean Jenkins

3)  "36-hour Emergency Kits" by Noell Black

Colonial First

1)  “Pictures, Finance, and the Computer” by David Frederickson

2)  “Dutch Oven--Not just for camping” by Elizabeth Hull

Colonial Second

1)  “Preparing for a public health emergency” by Melissa Parkinson

2)  “Put together a 72-hour kit the right way” by Grace Harrington

3)  “Power Cooking: Tasty multiple-serving frozen meals” by Diana Patterson

Crystal City

1)  "Methods to purify water" by Bren and Sterling Larsen

2)  "How to order food storage from the Bishops Storehouse/distribution" by Michael and Allison Merrell

3)  "Family emergency evacuation and communication plan in FHE" by Nathan and Michelle Shepherd

Fort Belvoir

1)  “Alternate Light Source” by Scott Hill

2)  “Family Finances, Budgeting, Saving/Investing and Financial Preparedness” by Jenny Jones and Robert Noonan

3)  “Ways to Store, 72-Hour Kits and Kits for Home, Car, Office and School” by Eric Darm


1)  “Communication--Ham Radio demo/info (including info on getting licensed, cost of equipment)” by Tom Kirby

2)  “Good Health: Hand washing demo (looking for germs w/black light)” by Johna Gagnon 

3)   “Basic Preparedness--“5 To Survive” (5 things to prepare for most likely emergencies)” by the Boy Scouts


1)  "Make a Mix Cooking--Save Time and Money Using Food Storage for Quick Meal Solutions" by Susan Schroeder

2)  "Safeguarding Your Documents and Identity"

Mount Vernon

1)  "Electric Generator options during seasonal power losses in the area" by Forrest Waller

2)  "Essential personal and family documents to have during an emergency" by Forrest Waller


1)  "Kits for Home, Car, Office, School" by Lynette Todd, Christal Jackson, and Andrea Weist

2)  "Water Purification" by Matthew Tanner, Emily Eland, and Joanna London

3)  "Emergency & Disaster Preparedness" by Kodie Ruzicka, Mark Messervy, and Kimberly Alldredge


1)  "Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)" by Judith Howell