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RESOURCE LIBRARY Preparedness (Renamed--was Self Reliance) 3. Links to Learn About ... Read More

New Posts to Blessfamily

Start Here Make a Family Emergency Plan, "FEMA Family Emergency Communications ... Read More

New Posts to Blessfamily

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"Prepare Every House"

Emergency Preparedness Fair 2008

At the Mount Vernon Stake Center from 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM.


72-Hour Kits  by Rachel Watson & Rachel Allen

Adding Variety to Long-Term Food Storage by Jim Kinney

Apartment Sized Food Storage by Luke & Rebecca Nichols

Back Packs with 72 hr "Bug Out" Kits by Ray Letteer

Bread Making by Tiffany Fleming

Canning by Sheryl Ann & Spomer & Celia Starr

CERT by Judy Howell, Kellee Koenig, Terry Buxton, Terry Akins

Communication in Emergencies by Miles McGinnes

Communications & Amateur Radio by Spencer Williams & Dan Goodson

DC & Arlington Text Alerts by Pace Barker

Die Dysentery Die by Brad Rogers

Easy Sprouting by Paul & Valeria Saunders

Emergency Cooking by Mark Glad & Mike Ashton/Franconia Scouts

Emergency Planning by Brendon Baird

Emergency Shelters by Mark Glad & Mike Ashton/Franconia Scouts

Estates & Wills by Nathan Neal

Food Storage You Can Use by Sherman & Willow Anderson

How to Reconstitute & Cook with Food Storage by Linda Gibbons

Learn to Do, Before You Need to Do by Judy Howell

Local Community Resources by Johna Gagnon

London Bridges Falling Down by Wayne Bradshaw & Mandy Jensen

OEM Office of Emergency Mgmt by Ellen Kamilakis

Planning YOUR 72-Hour Kit by Alex Higbee

Personal Finance by Kevin Yea & Craig Field

Stake Employment by Nathan Neal

Stove Demos "We're Cookin' Now!" by Derek Hansen & Walt Munyan/Belle Haven & Mt. Vernon Scouts

Stuck in Your Car by Mary Jo Tandy

Survival Recipes from the Fair

Survival Tips from the Fair

The Calling Tree by Olivia Trusty

Water - Storage, Use, Sources by Holly Williams

Water Purification & Storage by Tim Budd & Sam Clark

Who Are You Going To Call? by Melanie Chamberlain & Amanda Morgan